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American Media 

CNN – White, Irish and Undocumented in America 

Stories From Main Street: Long Island City, Yonkers Reveal New Wave Of Irish Immigrants 

New York Times – Immigrants replenish Irish ambiance of NY enclave 

New York Times – As Ireland’s boom ends, job seekers revive a well-worn path to New York 

New York Times (2007)- For the return trip, a dose of Irish Heritage 

Make Ends Meet: Irish community comes together to help workers impacted by COVID-19


Irish / American Media 

Kelleher looks back at Aisling Center’s 20 years 

15k in Grants Awarded to the Aisling Irish Community Center 

Aisling, local businesses, help seniors 

Irish Voice/Irish Central – Irish heading to America once again 

Irish Voice/Irish Central – Irish students arriving to New York find it difficult to find work and accommodation 

Irish Voice/Irish Central – Big-hearted New York Irish aim to lose weight for the homeless 

Irish Echo – A spate of suicides and what we must do 

Irish Echo – Sláinte2020 is a helping hand now needed most

New York’s Aisling Center’s mission undeterred by COVD-19


Irish Media 

‘It will feel strange not being with family’- Irish examiner 

Nationwide Interview-Sláinte2020

Up at the Aisling centre, they’re living the dream while Rockin’ The Bronx –



Irish Radio, November 18th 2017 

RTE Radio 1 Documentary featuring Aisling Center Seniors – To Love Two Countries 

Irish Radio- Sandra Feeney-Charles on Sláinte2020



Derek Woods/DWI Productions – Aisling Irish Center Documentary project 

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