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Aisling Irish Volunteers for the Homeless

The Aisling Irish Volunteers for the Homeless are an active and dedicated group who strive to help feed people experiencing homelessness throughout New York City.

The idea of setting up this group came about when Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich visited New York. He suggested that the Irish people give back to the city to show thanks for the success and opportunities they had experienced since immigrating to New York.

Founded in 1990 during our early days as Tír na Nóg, the Aisling Irish Volunteers for the Homeless are our longest running program! Over the years, many volunteers have come together for this importance cause. Their commitment reflects the generous and caring nature of our community.

Would you like to be a Volunteer for our Homeless Feeding Program? 

Our volunteers go out every Monday evening and stop at popular place in NYC to drop off meal kits to people experiencing homelessness. If you would like to be a part of this program please fill out the form below!

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