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Memory Brings Us Back: Irish Stories of Farewells and Fortunes

The Aisling Center has produced two unique products over the past two years detailing the stories of Irish immigrants who came to the US between 1927 and 1964.

In 2006, Frances Browner of the Aisling Center compiled a volume of memoirs by 35 Irish immigrants who came to the US between 1927 and 1964. The popular 'While Mem'ry brings us back again' is once again available for purchase.

As a follow up to the book, the Aisling Center has now produced a DVD which provides a documentary profile of the immigrant experience of 10 men and women who left Ireland for the US during 1929 and 1965. 'Memory Brings us Back: Irish Stories
of Farewells and Fortunes'
 will take you on a journey as seen through their eyes, calling to memory their own experience of leaving behind their family, friends and neighbors at a very young age and spending three weeks on a boat until they eventually reached America to start their new life. 

The documentary includes some beautiful old photographs and footage from the archives which will evoke very fond memories
for many people who immigrated to America during this era. Back then, socializing involved days spent in Gaelic Park and Rockaway Beach, and nights spent in dance halls such as Jaeger House and The Red Mill, dancing to the music of bands such as the Sean Fleming Band and the Cunningham Bros Band.

'Memory Brings Us Back: Irish Stories of Farewells and Fortunes' was written and directed by award winner Derek Woods, and narrated by Ciaran O'Reilly of the Irish Repertory Theater. It features music by Joanie Madden and Cherish The Ladies, Deirdre Connolly, Paddy Noonan and Sean Fleming. The documentary includes photographs from renowned Irish photographer, John Minihan, Irish Arts Center, George Zimbel and from many of the seniors from the Aisling Center senior group. James Carney was the associate producer and Sean McGinn was the director of photography. 

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