Moving to New York


•  Research job opportunities through various employment websites and prepare a U.S. style resume to e-mail to prospective employers/hiring companies. Go to for guidance on preparing a resume. If your career is in the hospitality sector, and you are interested in gaining experience or employment in the U.S. (East Coast), check out .

•  Please refer to for information on immigrating to the U.S.

•  Research work visa options/sponsorship – go to and for details on various work visas and the qualifying criteria. If necessary, consult an immigration attorney in Ireland or here in the U.S. to establish your options. E-mail us for contact details of attorneys in New York .

•  If possible, make a short trip to New York to submit resumes and undertake interviews with prospective employers in advance of making a long term or permanent move.

•  If you have friends or relatives living here, contact them for any job leads.

•  For families with young children immigrating here, a move to New York will most likely revolve around the school year with most families arriving during the summer months. It is very important to enroll your children in a school prior to or immediately upon arrival. The school will advise what documentation it requires to consider your application for enrollment. Call into the center if you have any questions on residency requirements for local schools.

Please also note that the New York State Department of Education makes it very clear that schools cannot request documentation of parents' immigration status as a prerequisite to enrolling a child in school. Undocumented children have the same right to a free public education as other children.

•  Establish job networking opportunities in advance through various Irish organizations and websites, e.g.

•  Look up NY based Irish papers online for job vacancies:

•  Ensure you have sufficient money saved up to cover set up costs and food/living expenses for the first month at least ($3,500 minimum) with access to your savings in Ireland should you fail to secure work within the first month.


Check job postings daily at the Aisling Center and let staff know how you are getting on with regard to work and accommodation.
We also have on file a directory of construction companies and bars/restaurants to assist people who are looking for work in these sectors.
Make sure to contact any friends or relatives you may have living here in the U.S. to see if they can assist with your job search. It is very important also to network and establish new contacts as soon as you get here to increase job prospects.

Below are some web sites and phone numbers where jobs can be researched:


You should also contact the other Irish centers in NY for any job vacancies they may have:

Emerald Isle Immigration Center
59-26 Woodside Ave
Woodside , NY 11377

Emerald Isle Immigration Center
4275 Katonah Ave
Bronx , NY 10470 (718-324-3039)

New York Irish Center
10-40 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City , NY 11101 (718-482-0909)

Again, check the weekly NY based Irish papers and networking websites/organizations (already listed) for possible leads.
Be flexible about where you are willing to live in the New York area since you may need to be close to where you find employment.

Apartments in New York are generally rented unfurnished. It is important to remember that you will have to secure furniture, beds, TV, lockers, air conditioners, etc. for your apartment upon arrival at a minimum total cost of $1,000. Here is a breakdown and average cost of essential items:

  • Full size bed $300
  • Futon/Sofa $200
  • TV/DVD $200
  • Dresser/Nightstand $100
  • Kitchen equipment $100
  • Air Conditioner $150

It is a standard requirement to pay the first month's rent and a month's deposit in advance. The average total rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1,400 per month ($700 per room/per person) and $1,800 per month for a 3 bedroom apartment ($600 per room/per person).

Set up costs (first month's rent and security deposit, furniture, etc) and living expenses for one month for an individual coming to New York will add up to at least $3,500. If you are traveling with somebody, the initial outlay of furnishing an apartment will be shared.

Check the accommodation notice board at the Aisling Center on a daily basis for apartment rentals in Yonkers and the Bronx , as well as notice boards in local delis, shops, and launderettes.


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