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Employment Notice Boards
We are happy to provide referrals to companies and businesses hiring people in various employment categories - service industry, construction industry, hospitality industry, financial and adminsinistration, etc. - in the Tri-State area. Please contact us at 914-237-5121 if you have a job vacancy and we will be happy to post the details in our jobs book as well as on our Facebook page, if requested to do so. There is no charge for this service.

While we are very happy to connect job seekers with companies and individuals hiring, we are not an employment agency. It is your responsibility to screen prospective candidates and undertake the necessary background checks and interviews. We do not charge a fee for advertising a job with us or for successful placement of a qualified candidate.

If you have just arrived in New York and are looking for work, or if you recently became unemployed, please stop by and ask for details of any job vacancies.

While the jobs market is still in recovery, we are happy to say we have secured jobs for hundreds of people over the years and received extremely positive feedback from employers in most cases.

A student information package is made available to all J1 students arriving over the summer.

Computer Facilities
Our computer facilites are available daily from Monday to Friday for people who wish to search for employment online or to create a resume. Check the appropriate web page for internet cafe hours of opening and rates.

A student information package is made available to all J1 students arriving over the summer.

Resume Service
We will be happy to help you prepare a CV/Resume for a small fee if you are job hunting. Fax Machine

Fax Machine
A fax machine is available to use at a nominal fee for anyone who needs to send a resume to a prospective employer.


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