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Accommodation Notice Board:

We provide information to those seeking accommodation within the vicinity of Yonkers and Woodlawn. Apartments/rooms for rent are posted on our community notice board at the Center.

If you have accommodation available to rent in the area either short term or long term, or if you are seeking accommodation, please feel free to contact us with the details and we will be glad to place your ad on the notice board.

Guest Accommodation in Yonkers/Woodlawn:

For family and friends visiting the area, or as temporary accommodation for new arrivals until a more permanent home is found, below is a list of local short term/guest accommodation.

Self-catering 2 bedroom apartment
Yonkers (off McLean Ave)
St James Guest House/self-catering
Crestmont Ave., Yonkers
Self-catering 2 bedroom apartment
Glover Ave., Yonkers
Self-catering 1 bedroom apartment
Wakefield Ave., Yonkers
Self-catering 1 bedroom apartment
Hyatt Ave., Yonkers
Self-catering 3 bedroom apartment
Alexander Ave., Yonkers
Self-catering Studio apartment
Yonkers (off McLean Ave)
Self-catering 4 bedroom apartment
McKeon's 2 bedroom self-catering
McLean Ave., Yonkers
One bedroom self catering B&B
Yonkers (near Cross County)
Self-catering 2 bedroom apartment
Yonkers (near Cross County)
Hyatt Place Hotel*
Cross County, Yonkers
Ramada Inn
Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers
Royal Regency
Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers
Hampton Inn & Suites
160 Corporate Blvd., Yonkers
Marriott Residence Inn
7 Executive Blvd., Yonkers

*Hyatt Place Hotel offers friends of Aisling Irish Community Center a 10% discount off standard reservation rates.
Use code 43536. Click here to make an online reservation or call 1-800-233-1234.

The above list is for information purposes only and should not be taken as an endorsement of any of the accommodations listed.

Newspaper and Local Advertising:
It is advisable to check notice boards in stores, Laundromats, coffee shops, bars and delis in the locality for accommodation ads. The New York based Irish newspapers also publish listings each week. Be aware that Real Estate Agents advertising accommodation for rent generally charge a commission fee of up to one month's rent.

Online Accommodation:
Our computer facilities are available daily from Monday to Friday for people who wish to search for accommodation online. Staff at the center will be happy to suggest and recommend websites for both long term and temporary accommodation.


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